Precision Machinery Shaft, Automobile Parts Shaft

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For example, high-speed axles with sliding bearings, commonly used low-carbon alloy structural steels such as 20Cr and 20CrMnTi, can improve the wear resistance of journal after carburizing and quenching.

The rotor shaft of turbogenerator must have good high temperature mechanical properties when working under high temperature, high speed and heavy load conditions. 40CrNi, 38CrMoAlA and other alloy structural steels are often used.

Forging is the priority of axle blank, followed by round steel.

Cast steel or ductile iron can be considered for larger size or complex structure.

For example, making crankshaft and camshaft with ductile iron has the advantages of low cost, good vibration absorption, low sensitivity to stress concentration and good strength.

The mechanical model of axes is that beams and most of them rotate, so their stress is usually symmetrical cycle.

The possible failure modes are fatigue fracture, overload fracture and excessive elastic deformation.

Usually some parts with wheel hub are installed on the axle, so most axles should be made into stepped axles, and the cutting amount is large.

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